Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Prayer Focus: Christmas with the Songhai

You may remember from last year that we held a special Christmas celebration with our Songhai brothers & sisters in Christ. Well, we are doing it again this year (minus the sheep slaughter, though). We are excited to invite the many believers (& their families!) that have been added this year as well as our growing group of national partners.

First, pray for our believers as they celebrate this holiday at home & with us. It's a holiday that many are familiar with but not many know the true meaning. They know it as a "Western" holiday that's on the calendar but they do not know why it's celebrated. For our believers that have grown up in Islam, holidays are not unfamiliar but they are only accustomed to the ones they've celebrated their whole lives. Celebrating Christ's birth should be an exciting time for them, but many wonder, "How do I do it? What are the "rules"?" Pray for us as we teach them about Christmas & for them as they learn how to celebrate the incredible, miraculous birth of our Savior.

For our celebration as a body of believers, pray that each believer that's invited would be able to attend. Pray there would be joy & fellowship among all involved & it would not only be a time of learning but also one of community, encouragement & growth in faith (for all involved).

Praise God that He has already provided the means to make something like this happen (from transportation to meal costs) by gifts from you. And praise the Lord that, because of your faithful prayers, He has provided so many Songhai people to celebrate with us this year by calling them out of darkness into Light.


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