Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekly Prayer Focus: UUPG

UUPG? Anyone know what that stands for? If you guessed Unengaged, Unreached People Groups, you are right!

Unengaged, Unreached People Groups are groups of people that have no Christian witness reaching them or working them (hence the "Unengaged") & have less than 2% Christians among them (hence the "Unreached"). The Songhai are considered a UPG meaning that they are still Unreached because of the low numbers of believers but they are not considered Unengaged because we are here working among them. Got all that?

So what does a UUPG have to do with the Songhai team? Well, our leadership team has asked every people group team to consider reaching a UUPG in their area while also reaching their UPG. We have the Gospel. We (for the most part) will have a bridge language. We have the calling to take the Gospel to the nations so that every tribe & tongue can hear the Good News. This does not mean that we will forsake our calling to the Songhai. It simply means that as we go, we will intentionally seek not only the Songhai but also any UUPGs in our work area that need the Gospel as well.

What's the first step? Research! We need to find out what UUPGs are in the areas we are already working in or have plans to work in in the near future. We need to know what language they speak & if we have a bridge language with them. We need to find if there are any resources in their language that are already available. Etc, etc.

The next step is to seek them out & take the Gospel to them. Would you please pray for our team as week seek to make this endeavor a part of our strategy for next year? Pray for us as we do the research  & that God would lead us to a specific UUPG. Pray that our hearts would be burdened for these people. And we pray that as this comes to fruition, that many of you would also be burdened to take the Gospel to this UUPG.

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