Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekly Prayer Focus: Road to Wanzerbe

If you remember from the last newsletter, we told y'all about finally accessing the Road to Wanzerbe with the Living Hope team last month. While we weren't able to access the entire road as planned, we were able to get into villages that weren't on our original plan. But God is sovereign above all & He knew exactly where our team needed to be & who needed to hear. Because, as He has shown us over & over again, His sheep hear His voice. He knew exactly who needed to hear His voice that week & He led the team right to them.

So now there are villages on this road that have Light after centuries of darkness. But, for a couple of these villages, there is only one "Light bearer." Imagine, if you will, being the ONLY follower of Christ in your entire town ... not just your family or your school or your workplace but your ENTIRE town. That's heavy & hard to imagine for those of us who grew up in a Christian home or in church. 

As you try to imagine what it's like for these men that made that bold choice to follow Christ alone, pray for them. Pray for their hearts to remain firm in their faith, for them to remain steadfast in times of persecution & for their light to shine so brightly that others come to faith because of their witness. Pray for God to speak directly to them through His Word & to their hearts, to fill them with His knowledge & wisdom & to grow them in their faith.

Pray for our team who cannot easily access these new believers due to security & distance. Pray for God to raise up more national partners that would be willing to go to these village & invest 3 months of their lives into discipling these new believers.

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