Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekly Prayer Focus: Roads Unengaged

The Songhai are spread mostly across 3 countries (Niger, Mali & a small portion of Burkina Faso) while also being found in "Exodus" cities (places they go to find work) like Accra, Ghana & even Indianapolis, IN! Being spread so far & wide & only having a small percentage of believers, there are tons of places that are unreached & where Songhai have never heard the name of Jesus.

In Niger alone, we have found that the Songhai are most populated on 7 stretches of roads (& by "roads", I mean roads that have anywhere from 12-50 villages on them & are hundreds of miles long). As a Songhai team & with our partnering churches, we have "engaged" 5 of these roads. That means that we have shared the Gospel in a few of the villages along the road &, therefore, the Gospel has been introduced (mostly for the first time) somewhere along that specific road. We still, though, have 2 full stretches of roads (thousands of Songhai in dozens of villages) that have never heard.

Please pray for us as a Songhai team & our partnering church, Living Hope, as they seek to engage these roads for the first time next month. Pray for safety in traveling (as many of these roads are "rough") & aloe the health of the team as they'll be camping out. Pray also for the many Songhai that will hear of salvation in Christ alone for the very first time. Pray for openness to the Gospel (open ears, open minds, open hearts) & that many will find freedom in His sacrifice for their sins. Pray that many will believe in the Truth & choose to follow it.

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