Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly Prayer Focus: Boumba

Boumba is a village on the Road to Gaya. It has been "engaged" with the Gospel & some have chosen to follow Christ in this village. While we would love to be able to disciple these men on a weekly basis, due to the distance of this village from where we live, we are unable to do so. These men have an audio recording of the New Testament & have been instructed in how to meet together, pray & study the Word.

However, as is pertinent with any new believer anywhere in the world, discipleship is critical. While we know it is next to impossible for us as a Songhai team to be there on a consistent basis, we know that there are believers in Niamey that would love to fulfill this calling on their lives to invest in & disciple new believers. Would you please pray with us for God to call forth such a mature believer to join our national partner team & commit to discipline these men in Boumba?

Please also pray for these believers as they continue to meet & study the Word together, that they would stand strong in the face of persecution, continue to meet & grow in their knowledge of the Word & remain unified as a body of believers. Pray that they would encourage one another & that they would make

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