Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekly Prayer Focus: Ramadan

As many of you know, Ramadan began last week. For many of our Songhai believers (30 to be exact), this will be their first year to NOT celebrate Ramadan. If they haven't chosen to make their new faith known to their family & friends yet, it has become abundantly clear over this last week. While the rest of their former community declines from eating or drinking (or some, even swallowing their own saliva) from sun up to sun down, these 30 new believers are not participating alongside them.

There is usually much zealousness for the Muslim faith during this month of fasting as it is one of the "holiest" times of the year & one of the 5 pillars of their faith. Persecution tends to be at its highest during this time as well, yet there is also somewhat of an openness as some are truly seeking to know God.

Pray for our believers to remain strong in their faith during this month. Pray for them to be a visible light in the darkness. Pray for them to have many opportunities to share their faith with their neighbors & family. Pray for them to not back down in the face of persecution. Pray also for their growth in the Word & in love for each other.

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