Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekly Prayer Focus: New National Partners

We are so excited that we've had a group of 4 men join our national partner team! We began this team almost 2 years ago & have seen some stick with it, some drop out &, unfortunately, some had to be let go. The team is comprised of national men (some Songhai, some not but all that speak the language) who agree to work in an area of Songhai lands that needs a consistent presence of the Gospel. They are usually teamed up in pairs of 2 & work half of a week in their villages while spending the other half of the week earning an income in the city. They are not only sent out by us but also by their local churches in the capital city. They agree to partner with us in the Songhai lands for a 3-month period with, hopefully, a desire on both our parts to renew their "contract" each quarter. 

Recently, we've had a long lull in zero to low interest in anyone joining our team. We've been blessed with 2 national partners, besides Cephas, who have worked tirelessly by themselves in 2 areas of Songhai lands for almost a year. We are so excited that the Lord has called these 4 young men to join our team & thereby extending the Gospel to even more Songhai lands that are currently being unreached!!

Join us in praying for these men as they commit to answering God's call on their lives to take the Gospel to their fellow nationals. Pray for them as they will undoubtedly face persecution, ridicule, hostility & those that simply do not want to listen to the Message they've come to share. Pray that they would have boldness & integrity in their assigned villages. And pray that they will be encouraged daily to continue taking the Light into the Darkness. And pray that many Songhai will hear, know & respond to the Truth of the Gospel!

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