Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekly Prayer Focus: *Adam*

I apologize for the month hiatus of posting a Weekly Prayer Focus blog. You can look back at the volunteer testimonies from Campbellsville & LHBC as well as May's newsletter to see what's been happening over the last month.

For this next week, however, would you please pray for a young Niamey believer named *Adam* (name changed for security reasons)? Adam was led to Christ by another young believer ... one many of you have met that is originally from Ayorou. We call him "the Bible." Adam & the Bible have been meeting with Mark on a fairly consistent basis over the last year for discipleship lessons & have grown & matured in their faith.

Adam showed up at our house this morning to tell us that he had been kicked out of his house. He has nowhere else to go so he decided his best bet was to travel to a nearby city, enlist the help of his older brother & return to Niamey to defend himself against his father.

While we know that persecution comes with the territory for the majority of our Songhai believers & things like that are sometimes par for the course, we also don't shrug it off & say, "Well, this sort of thing just happens. Get used to it." We told Adam that we would pray for him ... to have wisdom in confronting his father and for God to provide him a place to live, whether that be in his father's house or elsewhere.

We are now asking you to join us in praying for your brother in Christ who has nowhere to lay his head tonight or nowhere to call home. Pray that the Lord would give him wisdom on when & how to confront his father. Pray that the Lord would provide him grace & patience in doing that. Pray that the Lord would also provide him a home ... wherever that may be. And pray that in all circumstances, Adam would praise His Father & bring glory to His name.

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