Friday, June 7, 2013

Volunteer Testimonies: LHBC (May 2013)

This is the second time I have been to West Africa.  This trip was more demanding, both spiritually and physically than the last.  We did struggle, but all of us knew that God was doing something big while we were there.  It was a constant battle between darkness and light, and the whole team could feel it.  As we were sharing C2C with multiple people, we came into quite a bit of resistance, with a few patches of light.  The team could see God's presence in this light and it lifted us up.

We also met with a few believers and saw one of them preach the Word to other believers at a worship gathering.  It is something we take for granted in the U.S., but it something rarely seen in the villages of Africa.  It is very encouraging to see the believers stand up for their faith and worship the One True King.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

--- Josh B

Over the past week we have been immersed into a culture that is drastically different from our own. The Songhai are a people that are friendly, polite, hard working, and proud. No matter where we went we were always greeted with a friendly "Fofo!" and a bright smile.

We were invited into many women's homes to sit and talk to one another. In both Boubon and Tagabati we presented the 'Christ to Creation' story to many women and children.  We told many Bible stories of God's love for his people and of the prophecies of Jesus Christ.  We also shared the stories of the miracles Jesus performed while he was living on Earth.  We invited children to come listen to our stories and we sang songs about Jesus and played games.

It was wonderful to be able to share God's love with so many people.  We saw God move in many ways.  For some it was the first sign of hope they had ever seen. For others it was the only testament of love they had ever known. 

We will continue to pray for the Songhai people and that the seeds we have sown will one day bear fruit.

---- Monica Y

We were able to teach and share stories with current believers our first day which was both insightful and humbling. Then the next day we went to Tagaboti, did C2C and had 4 younger men say they believed and come back to the bush-taxi with us. The next day we met with 2 of the 4 and taught them on the Genesis E-Track and they confessed Christ. Then Brian had a epiphany and told them they had to go teach their children what we had taught them. That night we did C2C in Boubon and the man we spoke to listened intently, when we were done he said he wanted to go and talk to the elders first. Jody said, ''You know they will tell you I'm lying." He said, "I am a man, I make up my own mind." I was encouraged by this.

The next two days we did C2C around Boubon, not much occurred fruit wise, but I feel the sowing was important. Even in the midst of arguing, and other goings on while we were talking we could still see His Sheep Hear His Voice. That was the most profound part of the trip Sunday was the Worship service at the Fox's and it was great. We sang with the kids and a couple of the women, then we were taught by a local believer the story and meaning of Daniel in the lions den. It was a good way to finish out time there, however for me it ended too soon.

I have taken the names of those I met with me and I hope to see them soon. I look forward to continuing to see His Hands and His Feet reach His people.

--- John K

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