Thursday, August 9, 2012

Volunteer Testimony: LHBC (July 2012)

My eyes have been opened to see:

The urgent need to GO and share the truth.
That there are men, women, and children that have never heard of the name Jesus.
That you don't have to be an expert in theology to share the gospel.
That sharing God's love can be as simple as a smile, handshake, or a game of peek-a-boo.
That His sheep DO hear His voice.
That God is using the Songhai team to change lives.
That mighty things happen when His name is spoken.
That His light can shine in even the darkest of places.
That persecution still exists and that many believers are shunned by family, friends, and their community.
That although they may be hungry and not know when their next meal will come, their hunger for Jesus is overwhelming.
That  their love for Jesus is far more important than the threat of losing their home or even their life.
That bonds can be created with team members that will never be broken.
That bush taxis and squatty potties aren't REALLY that bad.
That I now have new brothers and sisters in Christ that will forever be in my heart.

- Brandy L, Living Hope Baptist Church (Bowling Green, Ky)

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