Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekly Prayer Focus: Accra

Please pray for the Songhai in Accra, Ghana. The Songhai leave their home lands of Niger, Mali or Burkina Faso to find work in the capital city of Ghana, usually selling onions or changing money. The Songhai migrant workers  range in age from 15 - 40 years old.

After 2 years of faithfully serving & sharing with these young men, Gomer W is finally seeing the Light break through as 4 young men have accepted Christ. Please pray for these young men to remain strong in their new faith, to grow daily in their wisdom & knowledge of Him & to become bold in their faith as they share the Hope they have with the other Songhai in Accra.

Please also pray for them as they return to their homelands in a few months to work the farms. They will undoubtedly be persecuted for their faith as they return to their villages that are 99.9% Muslim & will face being ostracized from their families for their decision. Pray for boldness, protection & commitment amidst the persecution.

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