Saturday, March 3, 2012

news from Gomer: March 2012

Dear Friends, 
I begin by offering praise to God for the great things he has done in the past few weeks.  We had a team in from First Baptist New Orleans.  They have come several times and have developed a great relationship with several of the onion guys.  While they were here we had the opportunity to get in some small group settings and talk to the guys about Jesus and what it is to be a Christian.  Four young onion guys have decided to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior!!!!  We all praise God for this.

Praise God for His miraculous healing powers.  Two weeks ago on Sunday, the team, Mitch* and I went to the onion market to visit.  When we arrived we were told that Wyatt* was sick in a small room behind our little school.  When we tried to wake him we got no response, we quickly realized his condition was serious and he needed emergency medical help.  We sent him to the hospital and he was given emergency care.  He was suffering from a very serious case of malaria and was dehydrated.  The hospital staff told him he would have died without quick and proper care.  Wyatt* and several of the guys from the market are giving all the credit to God for saving him.  They say it was God who sent us there to find him and send him to the hospital.  Wyatt* has no money for medical care and so we were able to cover his cost.  While in the hospital he had a vision of God lifting him up and telling him to go and tell everyone that God saved his life.  As he awoke from sleep, he saw them taking out a dead body from the ward he was in.  He had been hearing the guy suffering for breath all during the night.  He was deeply touched by all this and made a renewed commitment to follow Jesus more closely.  He came by today and is feeling much better only still really weak.  Continue to pray for him.

There is some very good news for Wyatt.  As you will recall, his wife left him when he told her he was a Christian.  She took their little baby and fled to her father's village.  Well, it appears that Wyatt's father is supporting him throughout his ordeal and has been talking to his wife. She called him this past week and has now told him she wants to come back to him.  He is very happy about this and is shocked at how God is working in his life.  He is trying to find the money to bring her to Accra.  Pray that somehow we can help him bring her and the little boy here and that she too will come to accept Jesus as her Savior.

While the team was here we had a very unusual occurrence. The onion guys kept coming to us at the Guesthouse. Talk about making short term volunteers lazy!!!  Just a little humor there, but this is a very big deal.  Rather than wait on us to come find them and sit with them, they were seeking out the team.  Mitch points out that they were seeking this time away from the larger group, so they could feel more free to listen and respond to the Christians and their teachings. You see, this is due to the love the guys feel from this team. 

The first day the team arrived, there were about seven guys that came and sat and talked for maybe a hour or so.  Then each morning at least one, sometimes more would come and sit and talk to the team.  One guy expressed his desire to minister the Gospel of Jesus to his friends and family.  He actually took the evangecube and told the good news of the Gospel to four of his friends one morning.  One of them has confided to Mitch that he believes what he has been taught about Jesus, and we believe he will soon accept Jesus as his Savior.  All this lead to us being invited to go and show them the Jesus video one day.  One guy that has always kind of been in the background sat and watched the whole video and in the last few days has come to visit us several times.  Please Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in the hearts and lives of these young men.

Right now many are coming to be near to us, they are seeing the love poured out upon them by God through us.  Many are talking to Mitch about the life changing experience of becoming a believer in Jesus and accepting Him as their Savior.  Please pray that in the next little while many will come to accept the Gospel and will allow Jesus to be their Savior.

  • Pray for Mitch and his family.  So much is happening in their lives right now.  Barbara* is within a few days of delivering a little beautiful addition to their family.  We are very happy to see this little one come soon.  I am hoping to see him or her before I leave to come to the states for a while.  Also pray for Mitch as I prepare to leave and be in the states for at least four months.  He feels a big weight on his shoulders as I will not be around for him to lean against.  We have come to truly rely upon each other in this ministry.  God has made us to be good friends and family.  I love to go to his home and sit with him and Barbara, play and talk with their children about all that is happening in their life.
  • Please pray for the ministry as I am gone.  Mitch and I are both looking forward to seeing what God will do in my absence.  With Mitch able to go around a little more freely, we look forward to the guys drawing closer to him to engage in conversation of Jesus.
  • Pray for me as I go home for a while.  I need to rest and get back in shape, spend some time with family and friends, work in the yard and be in the mountains.   Most of all I want to share all God is doing here and share our vision with as many as I can.  I am praying to raise some support for the ministry also.  I hope to meet with some great ministries, churches, organizations and people to see if God is calling them to be apart of this mission ministry.
  • Praise God for the four young men who have accepted Jesus as their Savior.   Pray for them as they endeavor to follow Jesus in their new life.
  • Praise God for raising up Wyatt from his sickness.  Pray that he will soon regain his strength and be more bold for the cause of Christ.
  • Pray for Wyatt's wife and family.  Pray he will be able to bring her here and that she too will come to accept Jesus as Savior.
  • Pray for the many young onion guys that are seeking to know more about Jesus and what it is to be a Christian, a child of the most high and loving God.
  • Pray for Mitch and his family as they experience so many life changing events in the next few weeks.  Pray that God will strengthen them, give them boldness and courage.  Pray that Barbara will deliver a beautiful little healthy baby.
  • Pray for me as I travel.  I am already missing the people here and I have not even left yet. Pray that God will open doors, guide me in the right ways to go and that I will be faithful to follow.  Pray that in all I do, I do all for Him.  I want to be always and only in the will of God.

      Thank you and God bless you all.
      In His Service,

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