Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekly Prayer Focus: Tagabati

Please pray for the village of Tagabati this week. This is a very dark village known for its sorcery, witchcraft & strong ties to animism. Of course, it also has a veil of Islam covering it as do the majority of Songhai villages.

Since beginning work on the "Road to Karma," we have seen interest & fruit (some false, some fleeting & some lasting) in Boubon & Karma but have yet to see one person profess faith in Christ in Tagabati.

Would you just simply pray for the salvation of the people of Tagabati this week? Pray that they would hear, see, and KNOW the Truth. Pray that their eyes would be opened. Pray that Light would enter the darkness. Pray hard. Pray fervently. This is tough ground & has been held in the hand of the enemy for centuries upon centuries. Pray that the Light would burst through & His sheep would hear His voice.

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