Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekly Prayer Focus: Saouga

Mark, Randy & 2 national partners recently traveled to Saouga, Burkina Faso to minister to the Songhai alongside a team from FBC Madisonville, TN. Mark & the others were only able to stay for 3 nights but, in that time, were able to share Christ with numerous villagers as well as showing the Jesus film on multiple occasions. The team reported that after Mark & the others left, six people came to faith in Christ. For the village of Saouga, this makes for a total of 7 believers!

Praise the Lord that He was faithful to call these men to salvation. Praise the Lord that a church can now begin in this village. Praise the Lord that He is sending His Light into the darkness.

Pray for these believers as they grow in their faith. Pray for their wisdom of the Lord to grow by leaps & bounds as well as their boldness to share the hope of Christ with their lost friends & family. Pray for the Lord to protect their minds from attacks & give them endurance during persecution from those that oppose their decision to follow Jesus.

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