Friday, January 20, 2012

Volunteer Testimony: FBC Franklin, Children/Music Ministry

As I reflect back on special moments during our mission trip, I want to record our time with the believers. We met in a small mud brick room, perhaps 8' x 12' no window, with everyone crowded around the walls sitting on benches, stools, bags of grain or water bottles, thatched roof overhead and few sitting on the dirt floor. I recall thinking "God chose to send His son to be born in a place that was probably very much like this room". As I* gave his testimony and then B*, I was encouraged to see how strong their faith is. They were so happy we had come and I am so happy that I went, even though I was afraid to go.

Now that I have met the Believers, I know that I have nothing to fear. We were covered in prayer & I have never felt safer. We were met with such love and graciousness in the most humble of settings. As we closed our meeting with small groups of 3 or 4 praying for each other, the hum and harmony of prayer in two languages, two cultures, two races being lifted up to God in love surely made God smile. I will never forget this moment.

Yes I could have just sent a check to buy things for the people rather than the money I spent to go. The food or medical supplies would have been appreciated, but those gifts would have been consumed and used in mere moments in a country so poor. We went to share the name of Jesus. We shared the bread of eternal life, and had we just sent a check, we would have missed out on the many blessings we received by just going and praying with them.

One man, Ba*, accepted Christ after our prayer time. I pray that he will grow stronger in faith and that God will shield him from persecution. And most of all, I pray that he will tell others about Jesus and others will receive the Bread of Eternal Life and they will tell others, and they will tell others, and at some point, the darkness in Niger will be overcome by the Light of Jesus.

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