Thursday, January 19, 2012

Volunteer Testimony: FBC Franklin, Children/Music Ministry

On the first day in the village, Wanda, Becka, and I accompanied Sarah into the village to invite children to come to Bible School. As we ventured out, I remember being hesitant and reserved. We rounded up 10-12 children and started back to to the compound. The children were very loving and any reservations I had disappeared. The children spontaneously started singing Fo Fo Ba Ba (Thank You Father God).The children had learned the song last summer when 2 interns spent the summer in Boubon. Fo Fo Ba Ba is also one of the songs we had learned to sing in Zarma so Wanda, Becka and I joined the singing. My only thought now was how special this moment was and I thanked God. Back through the crowd we came parting cattle and the crowd of market day - a parade in the name of Jesus Christ.

- Mike S

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