Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weekly Prayer Focus: Volunteers

Please pray for the volunteers who are serving the Songhai this week in Niger. There is a team of 2 men from First Baptist Church (Hurst, TX) along with a team of 4 men from Nigeria who are serving along the Mehanna Road. Today they will begin their ministry by doing a Health Seminar to villagers in Mehanna. They will continue the rest of their week by doing the Creation to Christ story along the road and also following up with local believers. Please pray for the village of Mehanna as it is the only village on the road that has yet to see a harvest. Pray that many will hear, believe & respond to God's call of salvation.

Please also pray for a team of 3 men from Living Hope Baptist Church (Bowling Green, KY). They are here this week to do media projects for the Songhai team. They will spend their time photographing, videoing & interviewing Songhai in villages between Niamey and Ayorou. The projects they will create will be used by the Songhai team to educate churches & partners about the Songhai, recruit and enlist more prayer support for the Songhai and encourage more people to come work alongside us as we seek to reach the Songhai for Christ. Please pray for them that they would have no "snags" in order to get everything accomplished that needs to be done this week. Pray also for the team to have opportunities to share their faith as I'm sure many will wonder what these white men are doing toting around all these cameras! Pray also for their time with the believers in Ayorou - that it would be encouraging for both the team and the national believers!

Thank you SO much for all your prayers for the Songhai. Lives are being changed forever because of your faithful prayers! We are SO grateful for you!

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