Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekly Prayer Focus: Gomer (Accra)

Here is a newsletter with a list of items you can lift up for Gomer W who is serving in Accra, Ghana:

I once again must start by thanking each of you for your prayers and support.  God is at work here and your prayers mean so much to many.  I praise God for you all.

Praise God for the friendships that are growing here each and everyday.  Today Mitch* and I took a young Seminary teacher to the Accra market where we buy blank cassettes.  While on the way we passed by the area where Mike* sells suits by the road side.  We stopped to greet him and while there he told of his new life praising God as a Christian!!  He said he wanted to sing hymns to our God and sing praise to his Savior!!

While in the market, we were going about greeting some of the other Songhai we have been sharing the cassettes with.  We were given a warm welcome everywhere and then we passed into the lower area where the second hand clothes are brought in to be distributed.  As we were walking down one of the alleyways, a fellow in one of the shops yelled out, "Anasara, Matu gaham?" ("White man, how are you?")  As I turned to look he yelled out, "Did you bring us a cassette?"  Wow, we once again were treated to the surprise of them knowing us before we knew of them.  God is working!  They told us we were talked about and that many knew we were here as Christians looking to minister to them!  Praise God.

After we returned from the market this afternoon I was walking to the area they call the "37 market," when I came upon a fellow carrying cloth. I greeted him with the Songhai greeting and he broke into a big smile, then went on to tell me that he had gotten one of the cassettes and listened to it. It was wonderful to hear him tell what he had heard and that he was listening to it again and again and that he thought it was good and true!!!  The Gospel speaks to people and reveals the truth!!

Please continue to pray for the albasan (onion) guys. In the last few days, they have had a couple bad experiences.  Two of them got shook-down and slapped around pretty good, then a few of them got chased off from an area they usually work selling along the road.  Please pray for their safety.  Some of these guys are young and small, and with the human trafficking that takes place in countries like Ghana I worry about these guys.  I worry about them all working along the road selling, chasing cars to make a sale, running in and out of traffic, but it is what they have to do until something better comes along.  They live daily, meal by meal.

Pray for our community relations.  The English classes have gotten off to a rough start.  The first night, as we were starting to gather, a house in Nima just below where we were meeting caught fire and burned. Two little children were burned to death & no one was in the mood then to go learn English. The next two times we were to meet, the electricity was out, and then the last time a "church" showed up with a set of loud speakers and started singing to the top of their lungs. It was loud!!! Needless to say, some thought we had set them up & used the draw of "English class" to entice them and tricked them into coming to Christian church!  It took a couple of days but we are back on track and starting over this week.

Pray for the folks who are volunteering to come here and be a part of the Mission Ministry here in Accra.  First Baptist New Orleans is sending another team at the end of the year.  They are to arrive December the 28th and we are going to minister to the Songhai in several different areas.  Pray as they prepare and make ready.  Pray that God will work through them and we will see many accepting Jesus as their Savior.

Pray for Mitch and me as we look and pray about taking a couple of trips in the next few weeks. Many Songhai are in these areas and we want to make that initial contact with them and greet them in the name of the Lord.  Pray for us as we make ready to travel and as we go.

God is doing much here, I am still awed each day as I watch what He is doing and I am blessed to be a small part of His great workings.

Praise God for the friendships and relationships He is building here.

Praise God for touching the heart of Mike. Thank God for this wonderful young man that has found a love in God that has him overjoyed and wanting to sing God's praise.  Lift Mike up in prayer.  It is tough on Muslims who accept Jesus as their Savior.

Pray for the cassettes we have given out and the ones we are planning to give out that God will work through the Holy Spirit to touch the lives of any and all who hear the gospel through them.

Pray for safety and health for all the Songhai.

Pray that our community relations will grow, but most importantly that through these relationships, we will have the opportunity to share Jesus and that many will respond by accepting Him as their Savior.

Pray for the team from First Baptist New Orleans as they prepare to come share Jesus and His birth with the Songhai in December. Praise God for them also, they have each come once before and are following God here for the second time this year!

Pray for Mitch and me as we prepare to travel to new areas to meet other Songhai.  Our prayer is to be obedient and follow God into areas as He directs.

Please be in prayer for me on Sunday.  I am guest speaker at a local church that morning.  I look forward to sharing with them.  I have gotten to be good friends with the pastor there.  He is a wonderful man who loves the Lord and lives to serve Him.

Once again, thank you for standing in the gap!  Your prayers are cherished.  You are cherished!

*Names changed for security reasons

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