Sunday, October 24, 2010

thanks for your prayer

When we petition your prayers I hope to get back with you about how they were answered.  That is what this post is about. 

I went to Karma yesterday and was praying the whole way there (as I've been praying all week) that the scene would be different.  We pulled up and there was Henry* smiling and waiting for us again.  He said he'd tried to find all the "believers" and all that he spoke to told him not to come back and talk to them ever again.  Needless to say, I was more than a little disappointed.  If I'm honest, I even had one of those "come on God, this is about your Name here.  How many people faithfully prayed all week and nothing's changed."  The Holy Spirit quickly prompted me to realize the many errors in my thinking but that was the raw emotion.

After our meeting, Henry said he'd like for us to visit some friends of his who were a little outside of town.  We loaded up and drove several kilometers to Bangawi ("the hippo killing" - cool name, eh) but which is technically still Karma.  There we met four older men who said they were ready to hear about Jesus, the Christ.  Not only that, several of the elders of the village were hanging around trying to hear what we were saying.  I thought to myself, "these will be the ones to squelch whatever we start here." 

One pulled me to the side to ask what we were doing.  I braced myself for a conversation I've had countless times.  I was sure he'd either tell me the people here didn't want to listen to this or that they would listen but only if we gave them gifts.  However, after I told him what we were doing he said "that's very good.  Bring your message and we will listen.  Our people need to hear your message."

After I picked my jaw off the ground I stumbled through some final good-byes and got back in the truck floored by God's grace and mercy. 

I just wanted you to know that God responded to your faithful prayers!  Please pray as we go back to Bangawi next Sunday!

*name changed for safety concerns

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