Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Prayer Focus: Campellsville University BCM

Please be in prayer for a group of 10 that will be traveling to Niger from Campbellsville University's BCM at the beginning of May. This group will assist the Songhai team in targeting unreached areas & opening doors to these villages. They will spend much of their time sharing C2C in villages that have had little to no Gospel access. While here, they will not only be ministering to the hearts of people but also to their bodies as they will conduct "wellness clinics" for women & children. These clinics will consist of distributing infant formula, malnutrition mixes & vitamins to eligible women & children. They will work in partnership with local clinics that desperately need assistance while also sharing the love of Christ through meeting such physical needs in these villages.

Pray for the team in their last minute trip preparations, spiritual readiness & safety in travel.

Pray for openness of hearts & minds of all they will encounter will here. Pray that these students may boldly & clearly proclaim the Gospel to every individual they encounter. Pray that many will hear of His love, many will see it & many will accept Him as Savior.

Pray for the safety of the team as they travel in & around these Songhai villages. Pray also for their health as they will spending many hours in the hot, hot sun with little to no relief from it.

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