Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly Prayer Focus: Mali

If you've been keeping up with world news recently, the coup d'etat in Mali (centering around the capital city of Bamako) is week-old news to you. What you may not realize though, is what ensued during the chaos that was created by the coup. Two major towns in the northern part of Mali, Gao & Timbuktu, were seized by Tuareg rebels. These two towns are the 2 of the main Songhai villages/towns in Mali. The village of Gao is only about 3 hours from Ayorou.

Please pray for this situation. Pray for peace. Pray for wisdom. Pray for safety & protection of those in these village & those that have fled to seek refuge.

To read more about it, here are a few articles you can click on ...

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