Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Prayer Focus: LHBC team

Please be in prayer for the volunteer team here from Living Hope Baptist Church. They are spending the week along the "Road to Karma" as well as one day in Ayorou. The men are doing discipleship lessons with the 1 believer in Boubon in the mornings while the women are doing art classes & evangelism stories with the women of Boubon. In the afternoons, they are sharing the C2C in all 3 villages on the "Road to Karma."

Please pray for the one believer in Boubon, S*, as he listens to & learns the discipleship stories that are being taught. Pray for the words to remain in his heart & mind & that God would ignite a passion in him to share what he's learned with those that do not believe yet.

Pray for the women attending the art classes. So far, there have been as many as 8 women that have attended at one time. They are in a secluded area where they are free from distraction & able to focus on the stories being presented. They are also learning how to paint & are enjoying it immensely. The women are very proud of their artwork & are full of such joy as they learn these new skills everyday. Pray that as they hear the stories from God's word of His love & salvation for them, that they would believe & trust Him as their Savior.

Pray also for the men & women who the team encounters as they share the C2C story with multiple groups along the Road to Karma in the afternoons. Pray that God's sheep would hear His voice & many would be called to salvation.

Please also pray for the team. Pray for health & safety. As of yet, no one has gotten sick. We've even been blessed with cooler weather & an afternoon of rain. Pray that God would continue to protect their bodies from illnesses.

And lastly pray for their time in Ayorou. They will be meeting with the group of believers to study God's word together. The women will also meet with a group of women to do an art class. Pray for the women in the class that have yet to believe; pray that as the word of God is shared with them, they will hear & respond to the message of salvation.

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